Total net worth problem/question

I am not to sure if it is a bug or if I am just to incompetent, but here is my problem:


This is an old alt of mine, which, as far as i know/can think of, only hase a few million isk and a rifter, but when i look into the character sheet it is shown that i should have around 4B isk worth of assets. I have no idea where these assets should be, or if they even exist. I have nothing of value in my personal assets, no plex, no active contracts, no industrie(as far as the industry screen goes) but i still have those 4B “ghost assets” and 24m isk contract escrow, and i have no idea where either of it comes from or how you can have an contract escrow without having any active/outstanding contracts.

I would be very happy if sb could tell me what I do wrong/where I am blind

Thanks alot!

Your PLEX vault is shared between all characters on the account, so that might be it.

nope, no PLEX, unfortunately.
but thank you for the suggestion!

There was a bug some time ago of assets you would own but would not be able to reach. This is becasue, they were in ship that you removed/lost and the cleaning of data belonging to you was not made recursively.

It would be nice to use the ESI to access all your data.

Did you check asset safety?

I`ve checked with jeveassets and it only shows the 15mil i own worth of stuff, no sign of the 4B. There are also no assets in asset safety.
I guess its a bug, but when I wrote to an Admin he said he is not allowed to tell me where the assets are, thats why I am confused…
ty to the both of you

??? GMs mess with your stuff all the time, when correcting problems … I suppose he was not able to answer you question rather than allowed to. :wink:

Jeah i guess you are right, still anoying…

ty guys for your help!

Ask him how comes he is not allowed to tell you where YOUR assets are.

Possibly this is a bug and he is not allowed to talk about bugs as those can be abused.
Don’t forget to thank him for his answer, GMs have a difficult job :slight_smile:

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