New “Triglavian” ship being added soon, speculation

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Was there any evidence of when these are going to hit Tranquility? With the exception of the frigate model, they all seem like completed ships, even the animations are done.

Gadget would ride a Conjecture Mount.

–Gadget, Speculation Knight

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it will probably take some more time to get further info on the ships since the last Singularity update came up with stuff from the easter event and some faction citadels.

I have seen one of these new ships in highsec. It was a Trig Medium, appearing heavily damaged, holding a stationary position 90km from the DED Assembly Plant in the Yulai system. There were no obvious weapons mounted that I could tell. However, the most interesting thing was the pilot. At first I thought it was another player by the name of Oveg Drust, he even showed in Local chat namelist. I looked into his history, and the character was created in 1994, even though EVE didn’t come out until 2003. It also showed that this character belonged to DED (2012-present), and before that he was part of Mordu’s Legion (2007-2012), the Caldari Navy (1996-2007), and State War Academy (1994-1996). This character, even though he shows up in Local, is most definitely an NPC.
I conducted a further test by locking on to the ship. At the time, I was flying in an Ibis corvette. He made no attempt to respond in any way; no moving, no locking on, nothing. Curiously, the icon seemed to suggest there are no shields at all on the ship, as far as an observer like myself can see. Armour was fully depleted, and hull was impossibly low (It could have been as low as 1hp left). I considered firing on the ship, but decided against it.
I attempted to contact the pilot on a private channel. As I expected, there was no response, further suggesting he is an NPC.
Next I attempted to ‘nudge’ the cruiser using my corvette, however I passed right through. In my opinion, this information is irrelevant for now.
This would suggest that the Triglavian Collective has strong links to the Empires, given that I saw this ship piloted by someone from DED. It’s also worth noting that they seem quite ‘balanced’ in my opinion, in terms of the relation the ships have to each race. Their mastery is geared towards energy weapons, that and the image background suggests Amarr. The mastery for tackling is a very Gallente thing though, and on top of that, the NPC I saw had strong links to the Caldari. Certainly a mystery indeed.
Lore-wise, it may be that this pilot has been in combat (with the Drifters? Someone else? Who knows) and has returned to a DED base for repair and resupply. As far as stories go, this would make sense. However, the teasers suggest that CONCORD are unaware of these mystery ships, so it does not necessarily add up.
Oveg Drust - insert this name into the EVE notepad for more info
Trig Medium - insert this name into the EVE notepad for more info
My own observations
As of the time of this writing (~1400 EVE time), Oveg Drust is still present at Yulai X - DED Assembly Plant, if you want to see one of these ships in space.


I can almost guarantee it’s not going to be a Caldari-Minmatar hybrid. Amarr for sure - but it’s anyone’s guess as to what it might be mated with. Maybe these are the first batch of a Empire-Drifter series for each.

Thanks for the location!

I just took some drone cam images of it.


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Nice photos!

I found the links to the other ships. Paste these into the in-game notepad to see them
<url=showinfo:47269>Trig Small
<url=showinfo:47270>Trig Medium
<url=showinfo:47271>Trig Large

The source is this Reddit thread

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Trig in Yulai

Thank you very much! That was in 6 years actually the first time that the in-game notepad was of any use for me.

No problem! I didn’t know it was of much use either :joy:

I hope there not making these new Trig ships a player own ship.

They look to OP for players to use.

If they do bring them in they need to buff all other ships in game to come close to the fire power they look like they can bring to the grid.

After bring in a Low DPS / Tank Concord ships in, I hope that the Trig ships are not OP , because why the hell bring in Concord ships tree that is SO UNDER POWER IN TANK AN DPS THAN THE TRIGS SHIPS.

That’s my thoughts

I believe this is a new race of space nomads, fleeing from disastrous code bloat in Star Citizen and seeking to settle in an established gameverse filled with friendly, happy spacers who are willing to help them out.

I feel sure of it!

Soon. Er, wait… Never.
Yeah, I’m going with never.

Next month baby boy.

Hehe, you got me.

I want Faction ECM ships and Traglavians are the ones that could get 1 or two really cool ones

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