New Vorton Items

In the Havoc expansion, two new items were added that could be very useful to EDENCOM ship enjoyers. However they are so un-available currently that they might as well not exist:

  • Consortium Vorton Tuning System - 8 traded in Jita since release. Other faction weapon amplifiers are way more common.
  • Kasiha’s Modified Vorton Tuning System - 1 traded in Jita since release. I know this one is an officer item but still, 1 generated in several months seems a bit ridiculous.

I’m pretty sure that this is not intentional and it might be related to these appearing to come from ‘Boss’ NPCS that hardly ever get spawned…

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I can only agree with that.
It is incredibly annoying that the Consortium ‘Vorton Tuning System’ are basically unavailable.

I hope their availability increases soon.

Faction and officer variants of the Vorton Tuning Systems and Vorton Tuning Systems mutaplasmids are available from aiding the empires against pirate insurgencies and turning in items at counter-insurgency operation facilities in their War HQs.

I think the bigger thing is an application module for edencom. The fixed arc range and explosion radius and speed really limit what you can actually hit with the ship, making them unsuitable for a whole lot of content.

A midslot that works like a missile computer for arc range and the bogarted missile mechanics would seriously help make these ships viable for more than just the occasional niche case.

I hold the opinion that EDENCOM ships need a buff, or at least a minor rework. They are extremely fun to fly, but just not practical in the slightest. Maybe that’s just a consequence of how effective they are against large groups, but man, those ships are great to fly

Offer enough ISK and he will definitely show up.

Have you been farming where they drop? Do people know how to get them? I would wager a guess that most people who want them are farming the item for themselves. It’s only been a few months, let the market build them up, or go farm them.

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