Faction Vorton modules

Alright, so it’s been a few months since the Havoc expansion, and the new Faction Vorton Modules have been introduced. Yet, all of these modules are extremely rare and expensive. I understand that faction modules are supposed to be rare and carry high costs, but:

  • The Medium Consortium Vorton Projector is about 1b ISK.
  • The Consortium Vorton Tuning System is 3.55b ISK.
  • Kahisa’s Modified Vorton Tuning System is 12b ISK.

Is there a way to obtain these modules? They are not available in LP (Loyalty Points) stores, so where can I get them?

(EDENDON getting F**** as always :frowning: )

and the faction one would be about at 20b if meta weapons are 1b+ xD

they are ■■■■ thats why they are expensive … nobody wants them and nobody needs them until thes get reworked with a good weapon design … !

Stormbringers are being very used for Abyssals. That’s why some people are interested on those modules.

and how much ppl are using them ? maybe 50 dudes ? thats not the number count that we could say these ships and modules are realy gonna used !

outside of abyss they are a real niche ship and extremly specialiced !

Yeah true. That’s unfortunate, I like the EDENCON lore and design, I wish they could be a bit more useful. People use them a lot for multibox ratting. But it’s also very niche. Triglavian ships are one of the most used factions in the game and EDENCON the least. :frowning:

DED LP is hard to obtain. OP you are out of luck if you want more EDI stuff. CCP shelved it for awhile now.

Ammo is still crazy expensive and ship hulls are just as pricy as marauders.

They need a module that halves the number of hits and doubles the damage.


To be honest, any flavor of application module, be it one that helps you capture more of the potential DPS on fewer ships, or ones that improve application to smaller/faster targets, or increase chain range or in extremis, add more potential targets would be a massive help. The concept is neat, but they hit it too hard with the balancing stick and put it below the power curve in all but a tiny handful of niches, and it needs some way to actually get close to the theoretical “well, ideally…” that they seem to have used.


Webs/target painters already exist in the game.

Man I wish I was rich enough to be shooting ammo at 39k isk EACH + and hitting 1-2 targets.


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