Newbro LF Greek speaking Corp

Hello everyone.

I am new to the game and I am looking for Greek speaking ppl to fly along and learn the game! I’ve already searched with no results and this is my last desperate effort hoping to find a “home”!

Thanks in advance!


Good luck dude!! I think there is one out there but I forget the name.

If you dont find what youre are looking for. Send me an ingame mail. We are EU based LS/HS if thats your niche.

Thanks for answering!
Well I like exploration the most! Wormholes, LS/NS.
I am searching for Greek ppl cause I am currently playing with a friend and we don’t wanna switch discord channels just to speak our native language which is easier…!
Thanks again and I’ll consider your corp if I can’t find a Greek corp.

We are greek and we can help you out on this journey

Fill free to contact us

WH Nebulas Expeditions {WHNE}'s
We are inviting new and old players to share experience and opinions in order to grow through time. Our main objective is simple enjoy ur way in the corp and dont let ur actions come against us.Real Life will come always first.Be resonable when orders come from the CEO and nothing else.

Main Activities;

  1. WH Exploration_&_Operations
  2. Mining-Hauling Industrialism Services.

So if your looking for somewhere friendly, and dedicated ur search stops here.

“EvE’s World is endless its secret are waiting to be revealed join us in this quest.”

*Recruitment Staus: Invitation Only
**Public Channel: {-WHNE-}'s JunkYard

Notice: Tax Rate at 2.5% purpose is only for fuel cost for our engineering facilities .

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