New player looking to dive into exploration and help corp grow! Goal oriented

Hello everyone.

I’ve read quite a bit into what EVE has to offer and i have to say, exploration has catched my eye out of everything else. The idea of being out there in space and possibly finding something that can grant me and my corp a great reward feels so satisfying to me.

I’m based in Portugal, so that’s GMT +1 but i can play around the clock since i’m working from home.
I’m looking for a corp where i can stay for a long time, someone with long term goals that we can all work together towards. A corp that will help me set up shop and walk with me through my first steps in the galaxy.

i’m extremely goal oriented and i’d like to share my time here with like minded people.

Again, i’m a new player so bear with me.

Cheers and thanks

Hello !

If you speak french, we’re looking for new members. We’re a little and young corp (but members are oldies ^^). You’ll be at the beginning of a big adventure. A lot of things to developp as you want :wink:

Best regards

Thanks for reaching out man.

Problem is i don’t speak french. I understand a bit and that’s about it :slight_smile:

Thanks anyways and good luck out there.

Hey Man!

We’re BELAX, a small corp primarily focused on PVP!
We currently live in Venal, and there’s plenty of exploration opportunities around us!
We’re mainly EU based and you sound like the kind of guy we’re looking for :slight_smile:
If you’re interested, this is our discord, jump in and let’s talk :smiley:


I have recently returned to the game and started up a high sec corp.

Check out Cardano Corp

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