Join the AYDA Revolution (Cardano Corp) EU/US TZ

The Cardano Corp is a High Sec Mining, Missioning and Industrial Corp with aspirations to just chill and make isk. The CEO has many years of experience in all areas of New Eden and WH Space, also loads of life experience so grab a coffe, sit in the arm chair and feel free to cry.

Be part of something.

What we offer:

☼ Regularly organized mining fleets with Orca Boosts

☼ EVE-HR site for all of your corporation needs

☼ Discord Server (Please note it is NSFW, NSFC, NSFA, NSFE, NSFGF, NSFBF)

☼Boosts? We have both Orca and Command ship boosts available

☼ Buy Back scheme and Low Tax Refining

☼ (Upcoming) The opportunity to fly with some truly outstanding pilots (like me)

☼ Chilled out, RL first environment – It is a game and our membership sometimes suffers from getting ‘Pink Boxed’ or ‘Stick Whipped’

☼ Free relationship advice and counseling

What we ask of applicants:

☼ Must register on Eve-HR

☼ A Reasonable Grasp of English – We use Discord. You’ll need to be on it. You’ll need to understand us

☼ A penchant for making rocks explode – We don’t like rocks so we make them go pop**

☼ If mining is not your thing, Run missions until your heart is content with ZERO Tax

☼ Willingness to join in on corp ops to build up corp wallets

So, what next?

Firstly, don’t submit an unsolicited application. Drop by the “AYDA Recruitment” channel in-game and have a chat with anyone in there.

Visit our Corporation Recruitment Page and submit an application.

*’experienced’ may or may not imply ‘good’
**these are currently terrible because we shoot at anything – please don’t judge us
***statement may not be 100% accurate

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