Newbro looking to find a mining/indy corp to get into and learn from

as stated above i am new to the game and am looking for a corp to help me get my head around this game and to learn from. i am 22 and i do have discord. if your interested in having me i am interested in learning.

Definitely willing to help newbros and have some new and retiring players just joining us so it’s a perfect time to hop in! We are mostly USTZ but if that sounds good feel free to hop into the discord and say hey!

Fractured Horizons would love to have you. Check out our in game recruitment ad or our ad on the forum Fractured Horizons - Looking for a Change?
We welcome players of any skill level. We are a new corp building from the ground up. Dont miss your chance to create something great and fly with some chill players

How is it going? Whether you are USTZ or EUTZ, or you bounce back and forth, we have mining and industry leaders in our Corp to help you find your niche. Whether you want to mine, do PI, manipulate the market, etc., we have someone that can help you get started.

If you are interested in hearing more, join our recruitment discord

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