Newer player looking for mining groups

Just like it says. I can fly an Orca, and have a Retriever. I’m looking for a group that mines together.
I played before for a while. I just came back yesterday. I also have a hauler that I can move ore with.

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Highsec or Nullsec?

probably highsec. I haven’t been to null sec yet.

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Hey there,

Check Freedom Fighter Academy. The corp is a Highsec sister corp to a Nullsec entity.

The corp is ideal for mission runners, miners, and newbro PvPers. Also all structures are owned by the sister corp so there is never a worry about being stuck in a Highsec war.

If you would like to know some more just contact me with an in game mail and we can chat some more.

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You should consider Malevelon Roe Industries then, they are a friendly highsec PVE/Industry/Exploration corp based in Gallente space and are very newbro friendly. If you’re interested, here’s their Discord:

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yeah, ok Thanks!

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Hi Benson!
We have a nice hideaway that we use to mine out large sections of ore/gas. I could always use another Orca Pilot!

SUB Inc. Hop in discord with us!

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Our corp is building from the ground up. We are co-owned by me Jamie Buddhamiere and my partner Rika Crendraven who in IRL are EMTs and love EVE so made a corp Rescue One in honor of our profession.

So there are three of us and another one of my best friends will also be joining later this month. So we are small but want to grow and work hard at our corp to make it something special and meaningful to us and others. We are just kind of desperate to look for pilots to join and grow with us. We are not set on doing one thing or another, we work on touching all bases of the game like mining, hauling, trade, combat, etc… whatever you find interesting we will support you.

We are not much yet, but bigger is not always better. I personally prefer to start out small and grow, its more meaningful that way and gives you opportunity to gain a greater position in the Corp as it grows!. Anyway if you have any questions please ask.

Sincerly, Jamie Buddhamiere CEO

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Hit me up in game and we can talk.


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Hi there! If you decide you’re interested in a new player friendly group operating in null, you might be interested in flying with us…

Bootstrap Mining is an industrial corp living in NPC Null. We are a mature group with members from 23 countries and we are Real Life firendly

There’s a lot more information about us (including how to apply) on our main forum post here:

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How you doin’ suckling!!! We have a brand new idea and it involves high stakes mining. If you wanna give something new in New Eden a try, come check us out!

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Hey there
Check out FS-I corporation. We’re focused mainly on mining/industry so you might be interested.
If so, contact me in-game. EUTZ, but we don’t exclude other TZs :slight_smile:

Safe travels, capsuleer o7

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