Newish player

15 million skill points player looking for an industry corp in either null sec or low sec. Wants an active corp and wants to learn and have fun in.


come fly with us!

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In game mail sent

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Phantom Operatives is looking for new members… Not many of us, but we are solidly active. Send me a in game mail and I’ll get you into the discord. Thanks and fly safe!

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Come give us a look

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Hi Jita!

Noctis Umbrum Inc. is a corporation in the Fade/Deklin region. We offer corp buyback. Our alliance has an active null sec market. We have experienced indy guys and people just starting out in indy. But we’re also multi-dimensional in case you ever want to expand outside just mining and building.

Our goal is to be a friendly, positive place, that offers transparent corporation activities. Hit me up in game if you have any questions.

We are a group of friends from all over the world, looking for even more friends from all over the world.

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GIFAS - Looking for pilots to join our ranks, New bros and Veterans all are welcome.

WE shoot stuff (rocks, rats, toons)
WE build stuff (from rocks, rats, and toon stuff)
WE sell stuff

Hi Jita,

if you’re looking to learn about nullsec, our corp might be just the thing you’re looking for. We work specifically to train pilots for nullsec: I provide books, fits, ships, and non-stop content (nullsec is about fighting for your space, so if that’s what you’re here for, there’s no place better than where I live).

Our recruitment page is here:

We specifically are looking for new(ish) players, and are set up to provide for what they (you) need, as part of the best group of players with whom I’ve ever had the pleasure to fly. Drop by, or you can come to our Discord server (Akadeimia Keipouron SVK), or you can message me directly.

Looking forward to meeting you!


Good day @Jita_Arnerette

I hope you well

We are currently looking to recruit, mainly based Providence doing Mining and PVE. Very chillax with members who mine or have boosts running at the time, in dead end system

If you interested, please check out recruitment post for more or join us on Discord

Zuzz Nox
ANMIO Recruiter

Sup. Yeah we do stuff. Not gonna sugar coat or blow smoke up your tailpipe.

We have all the content you could want available. But you have to be willing to log on and hop on comms and shoot things. Not gonna spoon feed it to you :slight_smile:

And as always, RL always comes first. Weekend warriors best warriors.

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