Night Crawlers. [EU C5 Wormholers]

Night Crawlers is a new wormhole corporation in the European Timezone, we live out of a C5 - C6 called Orion, so come and join the fun while it’s still hot!

While we are a new corp our member base made up of experienced players in both wormholers and with a wider eve focus. Our focus is on non consensual wormhole pvp operations such as:

  • Ganking capital fleets
  • Cloaky warfare (both small gang & in fleets)
  • System invasions & log off traps

While the above styles of combat is our focus we are not exclusive to those types

We make use of both capitals & sub capitals in our fleets with a mixture of ships for people to fly, and aim to make Wormhole space a more explosion filled place.

Our recruitment requirements are simple, as long as you have an Omega account and can use a Covert Ops cloak your welcome to apply! Both new and older characters can fly something in our fleets whether that is a Battleship / Capital or a simple Griffin or Sabre.

Come say hi in our publically available Discord and ask any questions you have!

Or contact me in game directly for more details / join our in game public (Night Crawlers.)

Friendly little bump! We had a nice fight over our home system yesterday with the help of some friends!

Another bump! Found a nice Fortizar and some rattles to kill last night :wink:

Bump :slight_smile:

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