Night Raven Task Force

I want to distinguish NRTF as the best option for New Active Industrial Pilots in New Eden. No small feat, but I think the new programs I’m offering to all in corp will make a solid contribution.

Industrial Scholarship Program -Any industry related skill purchases can be submitted for reimbursement, or send a mail and I’ll set the requested book up in contract.

Active Industrial Pilot Licences Extensions - Play omega for free if you’re actively pursuing industry (at least 1 hour a day average)

Alpha Scholarship Program - Any alpha skills purchases and daily skill injections can be submitted for reimbursement or contract.

More about us:


The Night Raven Task Force [NRTF] is sanctioned by Directive Enforcement Department [DED] to destroy all known non-capsuleer criminal threats and to promote peace, security, and furthering of knowledge through the exploration of deep space and recently joined forces with new allies the Provibloc coalition, to eliminate the rising menace of invader capsuleers and anarchy.

NRTF is a capsuleer group that operates all over New Eden. They are mainly in unknown space, but they have been noted to visit Amarr, Caldari, Minmatar space, and the Providence regions.

Corporate Information:

The NRTF is a small player focussed corporation created on December 23 of YC 114. Since founding we have strived to establish resources and assets that benefit all memebers with great success. We continue to build and expand, supporting new endeavors for corp and capsuleer alike. We foster a military themed Role-Playing structure that encourages but does not require immersion into New Eden. We promote growth, learning and enjoyment for our members and will assist in any way we can to help new players find their path in New Eden.

We are NRDS (Not Red Dont Shoot) in New Eden space. We are NBMS (Not Blue May Shoot) in WH space.

Public channel: NRTF Public Recruitment status: Open

Roleplaying channel 1: Club Nova Roleplaying channel 2: Nova FTL

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