Nine Pieces of Eight - Looking for an additional Pirate Corporation

About our Alliance:

Nine Pieces of Eight is by nature a Pirate organisation that operates in all timezones.

Based in lowsec, we pillage and plunder and make our living by blowing up other people’s stuff. We are a fun and close-knit group of people from all over Europe, the UK and even 'Muricah!
In the past we have accomplished many great things, concidering we have always been a relative small gang group. We measured ourselves with some of the bigger alliances and were successful on many occassions.

However in the end of 2016 some of us decided to take a break due to Real life events.
And now after our 3 years break, Nine Pieces of Eight is fully revived and back in buisness and with greater ambtions than before.

Why are we looking for and additional corporation:

To expand our influence in our region and increase our response capabilities we are looking for the right type of corporation.
Like every alliance in the game, we want to grow and make life a little bit easier. It speaks for itself that it is always a lucrative thing when multiple corporations join forces to achieve a common goal.

What type of corporation do we look for:

You are a pvp focussed low-sec corporation, that is well organised.
You are active duriung EUTZ or USTZ.
You have proper leadership without drama.
You have a majority of experienced pvp pilots (OMEGA) that understands fleet commands.
you are self-efficient.
You are capable of listening AND speaking on discord.
You have a good sence of humor (This is more important than you might think).

What activities to expect:

Lowsec Roams
Null Sec expeditions
Gate Camps
Black Ops
Structure Removal
Ship Spinning

Have you read all of this and come this far, and you think “Hey! these guys are great! Love to be part of that!” ? Then here’s what you do:

Join our in-game Public channel : nine pieces
Or contact one of these people : Wiccan999 , Nathanial Raptor, Portcullus.

Our killboard:

Have a chat with us, see if we are the right fit. Don’t be shy.

Spot still open

Don’t be shy and apply!!

We know you’re out there!

Still Open

Ye Be Warned , There Be Pirates

still looking

Still open for low sec Pvp corps…dont be shy

come on in!

try us

Ye Be Warned , There Be Pirates

Don’t be shy to have a chat with us

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