Ninja Raitaru

I want to set up a Raitaru in 0.4 sec.

I found a system that has no stations or player owned bases in it. One jump from hi sec. It has 2 gates.

Now strategy is what I need advice on. There is a planet I can confirm it is more than 14 au from either gate.

So that should mean players passing through can’t see it on dscan. Not unless they warp to some where other than the other gate.

Do think that has any chance to work?

Are there other ways they can find me?

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It shows up on the screen and overlay as a blue structure warp-in.

Regardless of what you do, this blue icon will always appear on the screen and people can directly warp to it.


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I had to check to confirm that. Yeah. Even if I enter the system from too far away to see someone’s structure on D scan, I can still see it visually if I look toward it.

I’m really glad I created this thread. Thanks for the reply!

I was about to step into disaster!

But POS actually needs to be scanned down. If your ide is only to have place to hide in. Consider placing tower.

A Combat Scan will find it.

Same as d-scan. But it’s another lever of security over citadel that is visible in whole system for anyone, all the time.

Pos have to be anchored on moons so even if they don’t show up on overlay it’s trivial to find them. There are only so many places they can be and you can warp right to them.

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It turns out the moon I was looking at anchoring to already has a POS in orbit around it. I guess someone else had the same idea.

I guess at least I have learned something I can use later.

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