Nitro's Final Bash in 2017 ( Low Sec Fight)


My Name is Nitro Oxide and I like to run fun fleets, This is an open invitation to all that would like to come along and join in a little fun fight.

It’s going to be my last time taking out a fleet before the New Year.

We want Fun! Not Elite PVP this time :slight_smile:
Date 13th of December
Location is : Nennamaila ( Black Rise)
Eve Time : 21:00
Ship Size : We will be in crusier down. ( 20-30 of us)

Once again This is just for abit of Fun :slight_smile:

Hope to see you all there!

Cheers Nitro o7

o/ should be fun will try to come along

Will you be using comms, if so what type?

If you don’t have a fleet of your own to bring you are more than welcome to join ours! Just x up in the R-V-B in game channel and you can join us. We use mumble so if you have that already installed before you join things will run smoother :+1:

It’s tomorrow night people!!

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