RvB open event 3/11/19 @21.00


This will be the simple anything goes fleet. We will have bowheads with free T1 fits frigs to go blow up in a system very near Jita.

Recommend for new to pvp toons that are still wet behind the ears or old vets that can’t remember what a truly ■■■■ fit frig looks like!

What do you need?

Empty clone recommended

Safety set to yellow

Be ready to shoot everyone on grid.

How will it work?

We are going to drop many MTU on grid, Just shoot one and off you go! When you die fly back to bowhead and reship.


On the grid of MTU’s I will be dropping cans with plex inside. This means you will have to blow them up to get the plex.

Join R-v-B in game channel for more info

Hope to see you in space

Much love nitro


Heard some devs might stop by…


@CCP_Convict did stop by, confirmed with video evidence. Also a really fun event.

Yeah I had a great time! Pewpewpew!

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Did they get your corpse? :slight_smile:

I don’t remember seeing Convict be podded at all. I offered a bunch of isk for the corpse…