You're all invited to the first annual low-sec capital ship throwdown

On Thursday at 00:18 Eve Time, or 7:18 PM in USEast, a surly group of mostly capital ships will be popping up in Eshwil, Derelik to attack an Athanor. Recently, the attacking fleet has included two carriers and a Titan, and these guys get super mad if you kill their fighters with missiles.

Technically the Athanor is mine, but I’m chalking it up as a loss and moving on. My intention, at least for the Armor phase, is to sit there and try to kill as many of their fighters as possible out of spite. But it’d also be a really funny send-off if other people want to show up and rack up some high-ranking kill-mails. Give me something to watch while I’m firing missiles at a Cyclops II.

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4 hours and no replies… people must be paranoid of getting tricked.

I wish I could set up a trap that big.

Anyhow, it’s not RSVP, so anyone who is bored tomorrow can show up and try to engage in some content.

You are far from the only one who would be of a mind to set up a trap. Lots of third parties out there.

Sounds fun. But i might still be at a Thanksgiving party

Probably better posted under ingame events.

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Cool, I’ll bring my Molok

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