No Agents, No Player Market. Bootstrapping a Character from Corvette to Cynabal (video series)

I’ve started a new video series detailing my attempts to take a new character all the way to a Cynabal (and then to Zarzakh without ever talking to a (non-Angel Cartel) agent or buying or selling anything on the player market. I’ve got to do it all by own bootstraps, starting with just the 5000 isk and free Corvette I was decanted with.

Basically, this means that I start out by hunting the very weakest NPCs in my Reaper, desperately hoping that one of them will drop a meta gun or tank module, so that I can slowly outfit my corvette from the corpses of my enemies. It’s turning out to be a surprisingly engaging way to experience the game!


nice challenge, good luck

Interesting challenge. What about the Ammo for your guns? Will you only fire what you find in wrecks? I don’t know if you can ‘buy’ projectile ammo from Angel agents directly without trading them t1 ammo and LP in return?

In Episode 3 (spoiler alert), I buy a Fusion S BPO.

From an Angel Agent? :stuck_out_tongue:

No, from an NPC sell order.

EDIT: Sorry, I realize it’s not clear in the text above. I am allowed to buy and sell to NPC orders only on the market. Which pretty much just means BPOs.

I’m currently in the process of saving up for a Rifter BPO so I can get out of this Reaper.

Ah okay, my bad, I misunderstood that. So you do use the NPC-market, just not player orders? I did read it initially that you’d try to build-up your ship just from loot and what the Angels would give you as rewards. Not bad nonetheless, have fun!

The series is still going strong! The fourth episode has just gone live and, after four hours of gameplay, we’re flying a fully-fit Reaper for the first time.

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We’re on episode 25 now

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