The Cruzakh Challenge (Solo Self-Found Eve Ruleset)

Over the last few months, I’ve been doing a self-found/ironman style challenge in which I’ve started a brand new character and tried to bootstrap my way up from a Corvette to Cynabal without ever buying or selling anything from other players. (No career agents either.)

It’s been an absolute blast. I ratted in high sec with a Reaper with civilian guns until I could loot some meta autocannons from wrecks, then I moved to low for better bounties and eventually saved up enough for a Slasher BPO. From there, I’ve run the Angel epic arc, I’ve gone ice mining in a Thorax, I’ve set up large scale Planetary Industry, and I’ve been exploring in wormholes and known space looking for the specific materials I need to build my Cynabal.

Along the way, I’ve been joined by a pretty active community in-game and on Discord. A number of brave souls have even started trying their own challenge runs in parallel. As a result, I’ve been asked several times how people can adapt my Corvette to Cynabal Bootstrap Challenge rules to their own runs, particularly if they wanted to go for a different faction cruiser.

And so, I’ve finally formalized and generalized the idea into an official challenge ruleset that anyone can follow:

  1. Create a new character for the challenge and choose a specific (pirate or empire) faction cruiser as your goal.
  2. Skip the tutorial and career agents. You may never talk to any agent who is not affiliated with your chosen faction.
  3. Never claim or redeem anything from Log-In Rewards, AIR Opportunity Rewards, AIR Daily Goal Rewards, or similar mechanics.
  4. Never buy anything from or sell anything to players on the market.
  5. Never loot wrecks or containers that you didn’t create, nor accept any other assistance from other characters.
  6. Never conduct any in-space activities (other than travel) in high security space, unless you are piloting a corvette.
  7. Build your faction cruiser and fly it to Zarzakh!

The Rogue Drone Experience. :thinking: I like it.

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Nice challenge been listening on youtube while working. Decided to attempt. Doing it to a Stratios (sisters of eve) because that’ s where my mind went as i was creating a kinda “in memorium” type character. The only change I prob. will do is looting orphan wreck cause at the time was gonna do cynabal and was like your a pirate “finders keepers” though i wont ninga loot. if no one around its free fs

I did something similar with slightly different aims , wanted to see if I could make an alpha character that can be of use in a large fleet battle and have all the PvP skills necessary,

So needed to get to BC and fitting skills within the 5mill skill point cap then use daily injectors as I earned them .

My only rules , no outside help from players like isk or items and no real money used.

It was fun .

He’s all ready now to join a group that needs combat pilots with a small supply of fitted ships up to battle cruiser . Think I have found him a home too😊

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