Looking for Industry corp ideas

I’ll do my best to keep it short.

I was thinking about starting an ALT/CORP that was a build it yourself or for the corp only. Market would be limited but not sure how I would want to work that yet. You still need to make isk to buy BPOs to build the stuff you would want to. The goal would be to take the game play off “Isk”. Im thinking a World of Warcraft iron man like challenge but not “death = deletion” more of an Industry challenge type thing where you have to build your way up not buy it.

Looking for constructive ideas go!

-Have to build everything yourself or corp project

  • No market unless NPC order
    -Contracts/ Bartering are okay

I admire the sense of adventure you got there! Your challenge is a wonderful way to enjoy EVE Online in a new and exciting way. I did some research on the World of Warcraft iron man challenge that you mentioned. I can see some inspiration to take from it though.

  • Build some narrative/backstory for your alts and have that influence the skills you are allowed to train.
    Think of D&D or where you roll for skills and get some quirks and talents in each one?

  • You could avoid using any boosters, or drugs on one. because they lost her junky mother at labor for a disfigured and strong mental handicap sister in turn must rely on cybernetics and implants to function at a sub-par level.
    Through her synesthesia it is as if elements, molecules, and gases "talk’ with her to give instructions on how to manipulate them.
    Figure out something cool that speaks to you.

  • You could also avoid using any jump clones, simulating a normie in universe
    You could set yourself a goal of reaching a certain amount of wealth, assets, production capacity, or reputation with your corp.

  • You could also set yourself a time limit or a deadline for achieving a goal. and have twist in alignment to only pirate factions which could also challenge yourself to explore different regions of space and discover new opportunities or threats.

Hope that this gave you some ideas or sparked something at least, o7

I have thought about trying this albeit a solo version on an alt.

Someone else had already thought of the idea you suggested and created a discord for members to join called “Rags to Nags” (if i recall correctly) and they were collectively working to build a Naglfar dread. Although I did not see much activity on their discord and not sure if it’s still a thing. I’ve since left the discord.

I had a similar idea,my restrictions were:
-No buying of anything from players market orders just NPC.
-No trading for items or ships with players.
-Can use only what I find or build myself.
-Looting wrecks is allowed(even of other players).
-Success acheived by getting a total of 10 solo pvp kills with ships I have built myself up given above restrictions.

Kind of like one of those challenges where you get an item, and try to trade up?
I did one irl with some friends where we started with a few paperclips each, we only had one day, and I ended up with a bag of chocolate peanut butter covered marshmallows

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