No Audio in EVE Client, winecfg test audio works

Recently returned to EVE and attempting to run it on OSX (Sierra; all patches/updates installed). Audio works great in the OS itself, all other (Steam) games, various audio applications (Ableton Live 9 Suite, Cubase 9.5 Pro). If I go to ~/Library/Application Support/EVE Online/p_drive/Local Settings/Application Data/CCP/EVE/SharedCache/wine/bin and run winecfg then hit the “Test Sound” button on the Audio tab, the test sound works great. When I open the EVE Launcher and launch a client, there is no audio. If I look in the EVE Client settings, audio is enabled (has an ‘X’ in the box). Disabling and re-enabling that box has no effect. Disabling, exiting and restarting the client then re-enabling that box has no effect.

Is there a known issue with audio on OSX? Is there a fix? A workaround?

Thanks in advance!

*edit to correct subject (wincfg -> winecfg)

Hello Taisto, did you ever resolve the issue?
I also work with Ablenton and PT and everythign runs smoothly. EVE on the other hand no audio through USB audio Focusrite 18i20.



@Jack_Dimase CCP Support finally responded to my ticket. They claim that WINE can’t handle external audio devices. Which is odd, because the WINE configuration utility allows me to select my Saffire Pro 40 and the audio test (play and record) both work perfectly. In EVE client, though, no audio. I suspect it’s not a WINE issue, but a CCP code issue. But… . I just boot in to Windows and play from there. Kind of a PITA, though.

I just picked up a Presonus Soundlive 16.4.2 (should be here in three or four days), as I need more inputs for my synth gear+mics. I’m thinking instead of using the Saffire Pro 40, I’ll just plug all the external gear and the PC on-board audio in to the 16.4.2 and drive the monitors from there. I don’t think EVE requires the kind of audio fidelity the Pro 40 provides anyway. :wink:

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