No Confirmation Email

Am I the only one that is having trouble with this stupid email system of theirs? I go to login and it comes up and says that I have to wait for this stupid email that has a stupid code in it. But the e-mail never ever ever comes. It doesn’t matter what e-mail server I use, it doesn’t come. What gives? How do you play a game that you are paying for when their system is broken? Two days now I’ve been out of the game because of this forced 2fa that is faulty as all get out. :frowning:

Does anyone know of a way around this or am I just screwed?

have you looked in junk folder, or other type of inbox… like Hotmail has focused and other for inbox then there’s junk.

Yes I have. Many many many times. :frowning:

Still no emails with verification codes and no help from the GMs. Not even a response on the ticket. :frowning:

On the accounts I don’t have 2FA turned on for, the email verification code works flawlessly.

I can appreciate it’s frustrating when something doesn’t appear to work, but if it works for others, then the issue is likely not at CCPs end.

Do you have any policies in place to reject certain emails automatically? Does you ISP?

Alright. If it worked fine until just the other day and I am receiving email from everyone on the face of the planet, including people that I don’t want email from… And I have not changed ANY settings whatsoever on my email account…

This is road apples and it needs to be fixed. And I already metnioned the fact that I have tried other email accounts on different servers and it does NOT work.

Not to mention the fact that I have tried it with and without 2SA. Plus this is not the first time that this has randomly happened to me.

I’m sorry for biting so much, but it is absolutely infuriating to have something work one day and magically stop working only for me the next day. I just received my registration email from Black Desert without a problem. So I continue to fail to see how it is MY email settings.

Well, day three and still no response from the GMs. I give up. I think that’s what they want. They got my money and now they are done with me. Whatever.

Well, I am so frustrated now that I have submitted a new ticket altogether on the same issue. I mean, I don’t have any filters or rule sets for my email account that I am using for this game and I keep checking spam and trash anyway but there are no verification emails from Eve. :frowning:

If you‘re able to login on your account, just enable the 2FA and you will not need emails anymore.

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