No launcher icon after install?

Hi all! Ooold gamer here. Decided to retry the game after more than 10 years off! But after installing the game and running it, after I closed the computer and restarted another day, I noticed there is no launcher icon. searching my pc shows just the install launcher. Do I use this to log into the game? Or am I supposed to do it via the website? I’m using windows 10 (pc is less than 5 months old). Please and thank you!

The installer should have put an icon on your desktop. You can, however, start the launcher by going here: C:\EVE\Launcher\evelauncher.exe

And you might want to create a new shortcut on your desktop while your at it.

Anyway, that will start the launcher, which will allow you to log into the game. If you have any more problems or questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Welcome back.

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EvE folder > launcher > evelauncher (blue icon with white “E”) >right click - send to - desktop

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