No longer for sale

no longer for sale he points will be lower alot

Hmmm. I can do 8B

no sorry because if i strip the char to the lowest if can go and buy a plex same as the transfer price ,i can get 8billion isk and still have a 5m sp char left over

i am willing to go down to 11 billion

home station amarr trade hub and a clone in jita with +4 inplants

You’re probably getting no replies because the characters skill point allocation is ‘meh’ at best. Anyone wanting to do something decent with him will probably have to extract anyway and redistrubute skill points. Either extract and make him a useful alt for a purpose (IE. CovOps Scanner, RattleSnake pilot or a T2 Exhumer miner) or lower your price.

I’m offering 8,8B pending reply.

yea too low oh well he no longer for sale atm i will strip him and chnage some stuff prolly keep his scanning skills

thank you for the input i just sell him as a 5msp clone when i strip him prolly just make him for scanning only

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