No more for sale

Hey fellow pilots,

I am selling 3 hulk toons!

Mining Barge 5
Exhumers 5

(6.5mil sp) Operator 16 -->
(6.5mil sp) Operator 15 -->
(6.5mil sp) Operator 14 -->

Positive Wallet
No Killrights
No Jump Clones
Chars is located Rayl X - Moon 3 - Carthum Conglomerate Factory (Domain)

Make me a good B/O offer and you got yourself some new vacuum cleaner

The 3 toons for 16B B/O

Thnx for the first b/o bid. I will consider it.

I’m ready to add a little more if we can do this today

Let me know what you can add. I can start transfer today…

I can put 18B

Sent me in game message to Bulldo Baggins. Were the chars need to go. As soon as you send me this + isk, i will start transfer

ISK and EVE Mail with usernames sent to Bulldo Baggins

Have the 3 characters transfers initiated?

there all underway :wink: give me your mail for screenshot

Can’t you post it here?

i gave you my e-mail :wink: send it there or ingame

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