No more wh csms

We finally got a wh centric csm and nothing good has come from it. We get more nerfs to marauders and nothing to make dreads more viable. You have been a failure that should not be repeated.

Thank god!

Heaven forbid! EVE could see a golden age again with all Cynos and Caps nerfed into oblivion, so people actually have to fly around and brawl it out in ships easily affordable for everyone instead of spinning dreads and fax and supers at a structure, waiting to jump onto someone who can be blapped easily.

You remember the times when capitals were a very rare sight and gangs could engage each other without the slightest risk of a cyno being opened to end the fight instantly? I do, it was 10x better than what we have now. Hotdropping crippled this game beyond imagination.


Yes, yes, he’s gotten absolutely nothing you guys wanted this year. Right.

Stop eating paint chips.


Ah yeah you caught me, I’m definitely done with everything I wanted to get done.

You’re welcome for those marauder nerfs tho.


He doesn’t know the krab vargur is even better now. Don’t tell him :^)

Also don’t tell him he can 2x or 3x his farm rates with dreads

It sounds to The Prophet as though you need to practice basic flying skills again.

Whilst the Marauder changes where generally needed and good, the mass change is a giant FU to low class space.
I’m guessing it was well received by the c5 cartel (praise bob discord) though

Can you elaborate that claim? I tend to think the opposite.

ratters in my corp go into chain and krab random c3/4/5 . if they get droppped we send a response fleet/have fight. Now we have less room for ratters to go out/people to respond.
These fights usually lead to a round 2 fight, with an actual comp but there is way less mass for this now.

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Ah okay, well yeah in that case the change hurts you. I see.

From my perspective, I love the fact that anyone who tries to evict a low-class-WH now can bring in either less Pilots in Marauders or has to use weaker (lighter) ships like FactionBS or Leshaks or has to split his entry into two rolls. Gives us more time and opportunity to hold/counter it.

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evictions are the least likely thing to happen to you on a day to day basis, and if an attacking force wants to bring in 200 battleships they can if they have hole control. Day to day life is more important imo


Yeah I see your point, thanks for the explanation.

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