Nerfing the Marauders is hurting WH

Nerfing the Marauders is harming those of us who live in WH. C5 farming will be tricky now. They are always harming the gameplay of WH corporations, it is unfair that they continue like this. PVP is not won or lost by these actions, it is won by good fleets or lost by bad fleets. Enough of messing with the gameplay and harming those of us who live in WH.///

Nerfear los Marauder es perjudicando a los que vivimos en WH. El farmeo de C5 se vera compicado ahora. siempre estan perjudicandio la jugavilidad de las corporaciones de WH es injusto que sigan asi. El PVP no se gana o pierde con estas aciones, se gana con buenas flotas o se pierde con malas flotas. ya vasta de meter mano a la jugabilidad y perjudicar a quienes vivimos en WH.

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No. I live in WHs bascially for the last 6 years and the nerf is absolutely fine because they are simply TOO STRONG in every way. Your C5 farming was way tooooooo easy for years and instead of complaining you should be thankful that it was so incredible easy for such a long time, bringing you billions over billions in ISK with relatively low risk involved. I am not even sure that the nerf is strong enough to break the current meta of just mass-marauders beating everything else.


I’ve been training marauders soley for use in PvE because I’m sick of being damped at 150K-plus even with a sensor booster. Well, so much for that idea. Might as well do like everyone else and just get a Rattlesnake. SIGH.

Yeah-nah…i’m going to have to disagree with you!

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Feel free, but since I have lived in a C5 with C5 static, my judgement is based on tons of personal experience while yours is based on… what? Feelings? Frustration? False Expectations?

Come one, people farmed C5 content SOLO in Vargurs or Golems. I even had a Pala fit that could run the sites alone. There was little danger involved, the NPCs couldn’t break you anyway and even if a new sig spawned, the chances that there was a gang behind that could break you before you were out were miniscule (because in 99% it simply was some random CovOps scanning the chain…).

Did you know that you can end the bastion mode and jump right on top of the dampening ships to kill them? Well, if not, this hint comes totally free.

Pretty sure I watched a WH CSM townhall from a couple months ago where they were actually asking for this very nerf to marauders.

Back when I was in a corp that funded its activities in WH we did it by running escalations with dreads and that was really a pretty good system. Instead of just one dude being able to farm on their own it actually required a fleet to act as a team. For the amount of isk we got it was definitely fair to require a small fleet to actually farm those sites.

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I knew it.

As soon as I went Null, it would turn out the REAL krabs were all in WHs.

Ban all farming, its a sickness.


If I do that I’ll have trouble hitting the smaller ships and the missions will take too long. Might as well get a Navy Domi if I’m gonna go that route so I can have boosted light drones (and save a lot of money vs a 'Snake).

is this what WH is all about?


Complete nonsense. Just don’t sit in Bastion trying to shoot frigs orbiting you at 5000m with large guns.


I wouldn’t even bother trying it with guns…I’d have to whittle them down with drones and missiles. Have you actually ran missions? Because it kinda sounds like you don’t know what you’re talking about.

If we are still talkin about Marauders here, that would mean u use a Golem which has absolutely zero problems killing off frigs. You wouldn’t even need to use the MJD to pull range. With all others just jump and kill them at a 100km. Or better: kill them first right after you warp in, they usually die before they can even come close.

Looks more like you have no idea how to fit and use ships for missions.


Totally sucks that you can’t turbokrab as easy as before. Marauders are nerfed, nature is healing.

We get it, you can stop. CCP already nerfing them.

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