Not sure that there is a PvP? STOP MARAUDERS ONLINE!

return to the game 6 month ago. I’ve tried several activities types. And when I killed another barge in WH he said me that I am jerk. But reasonably, what I can do with this?

CCP offer me new FW, which is the same as old one. Why? Because the same stuff. You tell me Battlefields, aha… so many. Plex PvP boring, and I do not understand why faction ships (like Dramiel, Cynabal, Gila) goes only in advanced plexes?

Null sec – marauders. PvP Done.
Wormhole – marauders. PvP Done.
Non-FW lowsesec – marauders or BO, Carriers, Dreds – PvP done!

In game not enough player interaction points. Your meta shifts all the time. BTW Triglavian ships still OP.

So, back to the wormhole, I remember one fight, I was on Legion and fight against 2 Proteus, 2 caracals and Hecate and Brutix. I am dead, but kill Hecate and Proteus, and it was a BEST fight for a several years. Why? Because wasn’t triglavian ships and marauders. But this one fight for a months…

I facing them everywhere. I going ratting 5/10 on tengu and don’t mind for PvP, but marauder… I going to the C3/5 – marauder!

So @CCP_Paragon please stop lying on main webpage about 350+ ships…


Marauders were nerfed recently

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Before Marauders online it was frigates online as battleships were pretty expensive for their large weaknesses. (That was the idea.)

Oh, and recently CCP added in lancer dreads and now a new titan is going to be in the game. So… Looks like we are going to be doing big ship meta for at least the next year if everything remains the same.

GL :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :laughing:


yes it was a little nerf but they still overpowered ! everyone in WH space bring 4-5 marauder + a big fleet. small groups cant fight 4-5 marauders, they do so much DPS that you need more logis then you have pilots in fleet. if you mean you can just use e-war then its the same problem for a small group, because they got more tank you can crush if you bring 2-3 ppl in e-war ships.

yes, its easy to kill a solo marauder, but not as a solo player. you need another marauder or a small fleet to do it. They are actualy to strong ! they need to be nerfed for the bastion ROF bonus and everything would be fine …

" But then nobody will fly them ! " why ? they still having a ■■■■■■■ strong tank and would be still a good DPS output. i would be fine if they get the e-war resistance back but a ship with 2500+ dps and 300k+ EHP or 8k EHP/sec is very much to strong.


It’s here to stay.

Do you mean change bastion time? This is nerf?)

Should be reasonable buffs as much class lvl up. I mean, T2 battleship should be a bit better than Pirat ship, for example, but not like that. And before age of Marauders I had lot of good PvP and could take a part lot of activities. Novadays… huh… I getting isks buying plex’s, but it was good for lowsec frig PvP. And I decide that I wanna try PvE, which is also dead. But small gang or solo PvP is a sh@t. Because of T2 BS.

everyone in WH space bring 4-5 marauder + a big fleet. small groups cant fight 4-5

Not only in WH space. It’s everywhere. We fight together with my friend, and 1 Curse + Loki could win 1 Marauder, but 2-3 or even 4… is impossible. :frowning:

Can you please put your tears in a jar so I can put it in a fridge to chill and consume at a later date?


Thirsty buggah

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You ddin’t saw my tirers baby :wink: go play with another kids.

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I agree that the bastion change was too big. A change was needed, but this was a bit OP.
What do you propose ? Reduce weapon period from -50% to -30% ?
I think reducing the projection would be good too. IMO they should have LESS range than T1 ships.

@stefnia_Freir stefnia Freir

I want to reduce the EHP and DPS. It’s ridiculous atm: 3000+ dps. I can get Kronos and shot targets from 50+ km. wait what? Blasters? Or Palading who bring DPS with beam lasers from 120 km? Not all 3000 but still a lot.

So reduce EHP and DPS is a good in my opinion. But also i really like idea from Ashy Bastion Variants - A Solution to the Marauder Meta » Ashy in Space This is also a good way to balancing them.

Actually this would make them even more OP.
The 2.2× DPS is a buff.
My rage torp golem (OH, no drug) would go from 3.55k to 3.9 k DPS.

I think bastion should use fuel to require other ships to supply it (still 1H of sustainability should be good). Of course this requires a fuel bay. Posted it here (along with the “T2 have less range than T1” proposal)

II like the idea of splitting bonus.I however would rather have lower base stats, and a script that enhance SOME stats to present value while lowering others.

I also think that having T2 version for bastion is good, with increased cycle . IMO a balance would be, that T2 stats are current when optimized with a script. The T2+DPS script should bring to -50% weapon period.

So say script is +25%, T2 is +14.3% of T1, we have period -35% on T1(=+53.8%DPS), -40% on T2(+66.67% DPS), -50% on T2 scripted(+100%).

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Null is horrible at 50+km. And if you want to reach 3k DPS with null you lose nearly all tank.

2500 ish is a realistic number.

Now GOLEMS. Are a different story LOL Fury torps do like 12k alpha attacks lol. They don’t name the torps RAGE for no reason. :joy: :joy:

Aha, my T3 ships blaps very fast, and it’s not a simple cheap no tank fits. You can tell me more about Rage/Javelins and other types.

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