Some Ideas of mine

Ships role changes

More distinct roles between ship sizes, and also tech roles

Weapon range bonus

remove all weapon range bonus from non -T1 ships. Only T1 ships are designed to have projection.

Basic tech effect changes (general guideline)

  • all T2 ships are based on the stats of the T1 version, with a few modification
    • T2 “fast” (interceptors, covert ships, BO) have smaller T2 resist increase, +2 AU/s and -25% mass.
    • T2 “combat” have the full T2 resist increase, +1 AU/s
    • then depending on exact T2 it has more stats like CPU, etc.

Assault ships

  • lose any range bonus
  • “fast” type have increased speed, reduced sig bloom, increased tracking
  • “bulk” tank has increased ADC duration, increased DPS, increased rep.

Change to BC and ds

Basically those ships become “swiss knife”, with increased damage, tank, over their smaller class but with reduced agility.

  • each “turret” ship goes to 4 turrets + 2 launchers + 2 utility
  • each “missile” ship goes to 4 launchers + 2 turrets + 2 utility.
  • DS become as fast as frigate, but less nimble ; BC become as fast as cruisers, but less nimble.
  • BC and DS are given a new module : automated defense platform that, when active, behaves like the FOF missile (on each cycle, attacks the closest hostile enemy in range) . The idea is to allow them to defang attacking drones. limited to 2 per ship. One small version and one medium version, with very good tracking , short range, low DPS, but able to 2-shot a T1 drone (except the T1 tanky drone, caldari I think ? Which should be 3-shot).


Multiply drone capacity by 10. Drones are ammo, they die it’s ok just throw more. Don’t increase bandwith though.
Also increase T1 drones speed by 10% and reduce HP by -25%
T1 are fast, T2 are hard-hitting but slower (but more hps), faction are expensive but elusive, tanky and T1-level DPS.

Then add an option to launch another drone when one dies. with same order, from same group. This option can be activated by group.

However, drones go out limited at 1 every 2 s for small, one very 5 for M, one very 10s for large and sentries.

What’s more, you can only have 5 drones disconnected in space at a time. You can choose if the excess drones become neutral or explode.

Specific bay

Give ALL ship a base ammo bay, also a fuel bay, a consumable bay, and a deployable bay.

Make “specific effect” use fuel : bastion, MJD, cloak use fuel. This means that ships need to operate close to their supply area when working for a long time. I suggest a target resplenish time of 1h. Logistic support ships (command destroyers, command ships and BOps) would have an increased capacity to accommodate resupplying the fleet for longer time

Add a “target amount” option for those bays, also for the drone bay. Those values are those present in a fit, so if I build a fit with eg 10 hobgoblins, then the target amount of hobs is 10 for the ship. And an “repair & autofill” button on stations and structures to automatically take from your own hangar into the ship.
Also make it possible to specify a container as “used to refil” so that refiling takes from that (or those) container before your hangar.

Consumable and deployable bay is important because it allows to specify in the fit and thus, at refil time, what you need to bring. Nothing worse than to realize you forgot to bring the filaments or the drugs or the bubble you just used.