Not sure that there is a PvP? STOP MARAUDERS ONLINE!

Actually this would make them even more OP.
The 2.2× DPS is a buff.
My rage torp golem (OH, no drug) would go from 3.55k to 3.9 k DPS.

I think bastion should use fuel to require other ships to supply it (still 1H of sustainability should be good). Of course this requires a fuel bay. Posted it here (along with the “T2 have less range than T1” proposal)

II like the idea of splitting bonus.I however would rather have lower base stats, and a script that enhance SOME stats to present value while lowering others.

I also think that having T2 version for bastion is good, with increased cycle . IMO a balance would be, that T2 stats are current when optimized with a script. The T2+DPS script should bring to -50% weapon period.

So say script is +25%, T2 is +14.3% of T1, we have period -35% on T1(=+53.8%DPS), -40% on T2(+66.67% DPS), -50% on T2 scripted(+100%).

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