No Snowflakes - Living on the edge

-Hate blue donuts?
-Dislike mega-corps or space empires?
-Tired of ship spinning?
-Want to be a part of something and not just a number?
Give No Snowflakes a try!

No Snowflakes is a Null sec corp part of the NETO alliance. We are currently looking for miners and ratters to help get the corp going. We have a relatively safe pipe for ratting and mining, and a fun group to hang out with.

What we offer:
-Null sec pipe
-Ratting and group mining
-Corp shared PBC’s
-Other PvP opportunities

The plan:
-Grow to 10-20 members
-Get 1-2 FC’s
-Collect BPO’s

Long Term:
-Grow to 25-40 members

If you have any questions and/or are interested in joining contact Nic Trib in game or join the Discord!

Do you allow alts to join? My main is a high sec mission runner, but it would be fun to dip my feet in combat.

Sure, just dm me in game

Still Recruiting!

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