No Standup M-Set for basic component manufacturing?

Hi there production enthusiasts,

So maybe I’m just another one posting again about a solved topic, yet I couldn’t find anything relating to it yet. I recently fitted out a Raitaru with rigs yet I kept wondering about 1 thing: whether there was a rig that would cover basic component production like <Core temperature regulators, protective components>

Apparently, fuel blocks are covered in but what about the others? does anyone have a clew where and what rig would be needed to improve material efficiency for their production?

Many thanks in advance for your help
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You need a Standup M-Set Advanced Component Manufacturing Material Efficiency for Core temperature regulators. Probably all components needs this rig, except capital components and structure components

■■■■■■■■. Wasted 2.5b with this idiots advice.

Correction. The game is just buggy AF. When i placed rigs on my cit, they didnt work for Triggers and Core temps so i went around scanning other cits. Some showed they worked on the indi window and then didnt work when I got there. Then i checked my cits again an hour later and now they are working. CCP FIX YOUR DAMN GAME.

So atm… Advanced Component ME rigs work for Core Temps and Triggers, Autos and Lifes.

@Aiko_Danuja blog post worthy…

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