No window background nor buttons, overlapping contents

When I start in the character selecion screen no background appears.
After that I log into the game, the windows have no borders nor buttons and no background.
The NEOCOM is missing.
All window text contents overlap.
This happens since the last update of the game for the Event (2 weeks ago).
¿Have anyone had this kind of errors?


I am suffering the same problem. Game is unplayable now

Which version of EVE are you playing? Steam, Linux-Client, Windows Client under Wine?

I’m using Linux evelauncher, which donwloads his own wine version

oddly, the new sell item window, wich I read was changed in a latest patch, is displayed correctly…

I’m using eve-launcher version 1747682
eve version 20.02.2003445


I solved this with a fresh install from LUTRIS (no ESYNC version), now it works perfectly.

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