Sudden Eve-only graphics problems on stable Linux system

I have a PC running Mint 17.3, with an Nvidia GTX 560 graphics card, using 2 monitors. This set-up has been running for several months now without problems. I usually run 2 Omega characters together, one on each monitor. Note that there have been no updates whatsoever to this system or it’s drivers for several days, and the only program I’m having any problems with is Eve.

This morning I was mining, my Main doing the mining and my Alt moving the ore back to a station. I had been on for an hour, with both sessions running OK, had moved windows round, looked at other programs etc - as I normally do. I sent my alt back to the station and, while the screen was blank before finishing docking, something odd happened to my graphics. When the in-station screen appeared, it covered the entire screen including the task bar (which is normally never obscured on Mint). I finally managed to get it to minimise by randomly running my hands across the keyboard (in desperation…), at which point I could terminate it.

Ever since, whenever I run the client screens (The launcher is OK) I get them sometimes covering the task-bar and at other times not. If I move either client screen to the other monitor (which is larger), the screen retains it’s smaller resolution but spread across the whole monitor, while the mouse recognises the larger resolution, i.e. clicking on the screen where the the button or whatever should be (were it displayed correctly) has the correct result.

I’ve obviously got a screwed-up settings file somewhere, either in Eve or in Wine. Can anyone suggest such a file that i could edit or replace in an attempt to fix this problem, or am I going to have to uninstall Eve and Wine, and start again from scratch ?

I just tried creating a brand new account to see if it was a problem with my existing characters, but the new account showed exactly the same problems.

Incidentally, I installed Eve using these instructions : which, as i said above, have been working perfectly for several months.

Try pressing Alt+Enter inside EVE. It toggles between full-screen and windowed, and the client seems to remember this setting. This can lead to conflicts and funny setups depending on the window manager. I’ve noticed certain weirdness, too, until I realized it.

When one switches windows with Alt+Tab and the Alt key stays pressed for too long does the EVE client think it’s still pressed. You then sometimes start locking onto random objects when you don’t want to. If you there press Enter, i.e. in a chat, then you suddenly switch to windowed mode.

Other than this, and since you’ve said nothing changed, do I not know what the problem might be.

Also watch out for any keyboard shortcuts in EVE that may conflict with your window manager. EVE has a lot of Alt, Ctrl, Alt+Ctrl+Shift combos.

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Thanks. that’s ‘sort-of’ fixed it, enough so I can log on to both accounts again - much appreciated :+1:

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