GFX "crash" on Linux MINT / Ubuntu

This weekend I have been experiencing a weird bug:

After docking at a ‘Prometheus’ Fortizar the game was showing the cute “your ship is being put into it’s docking bay animation” that citadels now have. Just before it got to the end of it, the screen freezes, goes black as if it is switching resolution, and then everything becomes garbled. All you see is a pixel stew of pink and cyan, in which you can just about make out the contours of windows. If you alt+tab to the desktop the effect remains. The PC remains responsive, however, and it can be shut down.

The issue was reproducible with that particular structure, although I did not have much time to troubleshoot it yet. All I tried was disabling “Effects” in the graphics settings in the hopes that it would disable whatever was going wrong in the end of that docking animation.

Other citadels, were no issue yet.

If anyone has experienced similar issues, please let us know below.

Here’s some general information about the setup involved for future reference:

Linux MINT 20.3 - 5.4.0-132-generic
Eve runs via Lutris on Wine "lutris-7.2-2-x86_64
DXVK v1.10.3

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