Game freezes after short time AFK on ubuntu

If I spend a short time afk, either game on screen but physically afk or game in background while im in a browser or whatever, my game will freeze/crash. If the game is open, its just frozen, if i switch to another window and then back to the game, the game window will display the previous window I had open. Aby ideas how to fix this?

Im on ubuntu 20.04 , with a 1700x + rx570, using the game with steam and proton, and already tried forcing proton 5.0 but that didnt fix the issue

I run Mint 19.3, and run Eve via Lutris.
I would suggest you, to take a look at it, im very happy with it. ( get the DXVK+Esync-Version of the Installer)
A few links, that should help you, to get it to work:

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