Normalized Prices of Minerals Over Time by Regions


  • normalized_price = (price - average) / standard_deviation
  • The regions are ordered by their correlation with “The Forge” price.
  • Only counts prices in stations. Doesn’t count prices in markets of structures.
  • White color means no data.

All Minerals

The figure seems to suggest some relationships between prices at different region.
Somehow “The Forge” price of tritanium seems to lag behind “Delve” price. Why?
Does Delve have lots of miners?

Tritanium prices at Sinq Laison and Heimatar seems to lag behind prices at The Forge. Why?
Does Heimatar have more industrialists?

Does the change of tritanium prices also follow the flow of the minerals from miner > trader > industrialist > pvper?

The pyerite prices by regions have different relationships. Why?

Because you want there to be a relationship.
Before trying to explain something, be sure that this something actually exists.

It’s good to try to find relations, but those relation may as well only exist because you want to find them. Trying to take advantage of them may make them disappear :wink:

i believe everyone has huge piles of unused pyerite
and it is cheap so it is senceless to haul it

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good work on the stats, but seriously does delve have a lot of miners… ?

you have not been around long eh?

this from 2017
ccp economic reports for the last few years released regularly are all similar.
Goons have Delve on lock, 5+ rorqual in every system, around the clock. even Bombers bar doesnt give a crap if someone scouts fleets of rorq in delve unless there is a wormhole to get out through, and even then there is some pretty obvious “we dont give a crap if you scouted in delve, because its goons” feedback whenever Delve is mentioned in the intel channels

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Interesting. Since I seldom log into the game, I wouldn’t know what happens first hand.
It is just some quick plotting. I would use something better if I have time.

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