Tritanium price

I’ve been playing for the last 2 months so I don’t know exactly what may have caused the Tritanium spike in August. Can someone try to explain why this spike in August and if that could happen again? Because tritanium is in a year low righ now.

Maybe some production went stagnant. However the base price of 1 unit of tritanium is 1 isk not 34 bajillion.

The summer war that happened in null sec caused it briefly during that time period to spike. It was the loss of trillions in isk worth of assets including capitals, supers, and primarily titans and keep stars. How ever the massive production from delve filled the gap quickly and has been adding more and more to the economy ( perhaps high sec moon mining as well?) so mineral prices continue to drop. Until something occurs to stop that production or there is massive destruction on a consistent time frame, it is unlikely that mineral values will go back up anytime soon.

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Thanks a lot. :+1:

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