Not able to login with linux launcher

So it’s now working with the Windows launcher?

Unfortunately eve client doesn’t work with windows launcher.
And I found out that linux launcher build 1225328.3024 uses some other login method, and it wors,
Is it any way to switch on older login method?

I don’t use the Linux-native launcher. I could only help you with the Windows-native launcher.

But before you do anything might you want to update your Ubuntu to 18 LTS just to have a more recent version of it.

Then you could try to get Steam working. If you’re fortunate enough will you be able to play EVE in all DirectX11 glory at decent frame rates over Vulkan.

me too -today they changed something and again us linux launcher ppl will be lacking some font or other thing.

Hope they can do us the favour of providing a fix…

Sorry, but I can’t update my ubuntu right now, but likely it will not help. So can you, please, help me to get steam working? Recently I’ve tried to launch other games with steam-play environment and some of them worked perfectly, but the problem is to connect my eve accounts to steam, is it any chance to do that? Because I bought the game at

It seems, that CCP have changed the login process on server side so does it no more compatible with the linux version of the launcher. If CCP not update the linux launcher or change the login behaviour there is no way back, only the possibilities to use the windows launcher with wine or Steam Play Beta. Have it tested with Debian Stretch, Wine 3.15 and nvidia driver version 390.77 from Debian Backports.

@CCP_Falcon It would be nice from CCP that she give a clear statement about the linux launcher and when she are not willing to support them, then a statement, that the linux launcher are no longer usable.

I will on the end of this month shut down my site about the linux launcher (see EVE Installing) and the downloads for him, because there is no more to change for me to make evesetup better or compatible to the server side changes.

I hope that those new vulcan technology will stimulate CCP to make native linux client, but for now linux launcher worked fine until now. That would be great if someone will fix it.

See the Steam thread here.

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I suggest to use a newer driver than the 390.xx series. These will definitely cause flickering and game freezes. 396.54.02 or later should be used for Nvidia as these have all the required fixes for Vulkan to run stable and flicker-free. 396.54.05 is now out, too.

Have none of these symptoms here with the 390.77 yet. The 390er works good with vulkan, using 0.71 dxvk. The 396.xx are not in the Backport Repo so i will stay on the 390er series.

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If you cannot get any newer driver then of course do you not have a choice. Vulkan issues are still being reported by Nvidia themselves with 390.87.

And I’m almost certain 396.xx will likely see further fixes as more games are being run on Linux with Steam.

The fix with the flipping setting was causes freezes in the past are always inserted, so i hope the rest will come with the time.

You may want to check with Nvidia. The flipping issue is still listed as a know issue for 390.87 for their quadro cards. They apparently didn’t fix it fully. I then don’t know which of the older 390.xx has it fixed and for which hardware.

Again, 396.xx is the series you want to be going with if you can.

Hmm, ok but quadro cards are not gaming cards so i dont know, if the fix are working there.

That’s why I’m telling you. It may just work for you or because you have vsync on. The freezes trigger sooner with vsync off and with faster hardware.

And when even the hardware maker lists these as a known issue then the responsible thing to do is to follow their recommendation.

You can also check for the flickering issue when you turn the HUD into 1st person view. The flicking also shows around the capacitor display and in the character creation menu for new players. It may also be connected to the triangle issues that some have seen.

Even when 396.54.02 is working flawlessly for me so far, am I still cautious, because they’ve just released 396.54.05, another beta of their latest driver. So the Vulkan issues will be far from over.

I’m glad Nvidia is capable to get on top of these issues as fast as they have. They use the advances by Steam / Valve to stomp every last issue in their driver, which is really great.

I am done with installing drivers or other hardware near software by bypassing the distribution package system. So i will wait for a .deb package or stay still by drivers, which the repos offers me. I am no more in the mood to build my own .deb packages which i have done long enough.

I compile my own kernel. If you do, too, then you only need the .run installer by Nvidia and it will compile itself and set itself up. That’s how I’m doing it for years now. Let’s me use the latest compilers and my own compiler settings, too.

After you’ve compiled your kernel and it’s still in /usr/src/linux/ and you haven’t run a “make clean” in there, does one only need to run the Nvidia .run installer. It will find the kernel source, compile its kernel modules, and install them in the /lib/modules/ directory of your kernel. It also installs the driver libraries. Once it’s run can one update the initramdisk in /boot and pull the Nvidia driver module directly into it.

One can then install only the Nvidia kernel modules for different kernels with the -k option of the .run installer.

But that’s just if you want to give this a try. I won’t blame you for waiting for the newer packages though.

I know how to build my own kernel ( have it done for myself in the past ) and i know how to use the nvidia-drivers with her installer have it done too. :slight_smile: But i am tired of this. The only thing what i want at the moment are a functional system and functional software, which i will use with it.
Maybe i get to old for this stuff.

That’s why I use my own scripts! It’s literally one command for me to patch a new kernel, build it, install it, run the Nvidia installer, build the perf tool, build external drivers (from GitHub), update the initramdisk and update grub. Otherwise would I be getting tired of it, too.

I’ve made a habit to put everything I learn of a piece of software into a script. This way do I not lose track of what needs to be done and when I keep doing it regularly is it just one command.

I keep all the configure options of the various GNU tools in one file for the same purpose. It’s one command for me to build 50+ GNU packages from source. Rebuilding all of WINE including DXVK and installing it is also one command.

That’s why it has shell scripts.

I was able to use Windows Launcher with wine-vanilla-3.15.
I had it the Windows version set to Windows 7, in winecfg.
If I tried to start the client, it started but crashed on login screen.
it looked like this error:

After setting windows version to Windows XP, I was able to launch the client and play for a few minutes without crashing.
I hope this helps to a lot of Linux users.