Not getting the proper ISK

For some reason, I am not receiving the correct amount of ISK when I complete missions, or do Discovery. If I kill multiple drones while doing a mission (and the bounty is over 75,000), I do not receive the full amount.

I know some of the ISK goes to my corporation (as a tax). When I go to the corporation and move the ISK to my wallet, it still does not add up to the correct amount that I should have received.

There are times when I kill drones and receive the bounty that the bounty going into my wallet is actually a negative amount (of 50% or more of the total bounty).

Does anyone have any idea what is happening here? I have lost over 1 mil in ISK due to the mathematical errors over the past 3 weeks alone. It makes it almost not worth killing the rogue drones when I’m not getting the proper credit for the bounties. The same is true for doing missions or anything else where the ISK amount is not properly credited. I have even noticed that when moving credit from my “corporate” wallet to the player wallet, it does not always properly credit the amount transferred. In my opinion, this is a major problem - especially when one is trying to build up ISK to be able to purchase needed items (new ships, etc.).

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You share some isk and sp with your fleet members?

If 300k or so per week lost makes it not worth doing then you really aren’t doing very much at all. That’s around 60k a day. If you go and kill a BS rat you’ll cover that whole ‘loss’ with that one. Then you can waste less time counting tiny numbers etc.


Is the lost ISK about 5% of the total by any chance? IIRC rats only give out 95% of their bounty because reasons.

Someone could have an ESS deployed. ESS ‘steals’ bounty payments. You might want to check into this.

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