Not sure about possible Dominix Navy changes

I noticed that on SiSI the Dom Navy is getting some defensive role bonuses, which is cool since I always saw it as a tough warhorse built to provide support fire to drones. However, one of the bonuses is for shield extenders. Errrr…whut? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have that bonus apply to armor coatings or membranes? Or, if not armor bonuses then something drone-related like speed or whatever? Do people actually use shield extenders with this ship (or any variation)?

its not just the dom navy but all battleships…

its a walk back from the surgical strike a couple years ago

All battleships gained that role bonus. Shield extenders, armour plates, extra hull hitpoints, seems like all passive tanked battleship fits will become a bit stronger after this patch.

Add the resistance module buff which affects all ships, not just passive tanked battleships, and you’ll see very high battleship EHP numbers.

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