(Betty Swallowes) #1

Mastercard help world

(Brock Khans) #2

Evepraisal link of collateral pleas

(Betty Swallowes) #3

ok sir, ill send it in mail to you.
And yes, my mistake - collateral cover 16-18b
P.S 5% because it wont be easy to sell collateral in one click

(Betty Swallowes) #4

Mastercard help world

(Betty Swallowes) #5

Still looking for some who can lend isk on 2-3months 15b

(noobs market orders) #6

send me link to collateral.

(Brock Khans) #7

Look up 2 posts…

(Betty Swallowes) #8

Donated with Plex already :grinning:

(Solonius Rex) #9

Take your mastercard and end world hunger.

(system) #10

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