Now I Know Why They Say Provi-Block Isn't the Sharpest Tool In The Shed

The ship was left behind because it was an unwanted gift. No one was flying it. Yet the Dunder Head chose to blow it up. She blew up a Kikimora that could have been boarded.

I left it right by CVA’s Keepstar…lets put the head in a pencil sharpener on this one. I didn’t even buy the thing and was returning it, hence…the…name…U…N…W…A…N…T…E…D G…I…F…T

Skiddish CVA, really skiddish.

You seem rather butthurt about losing a ship you weren’t even flying Dryson.


What’s the point of this exactly?

Just a standard Drysonism…

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The word you mangled is actually SKITTISH.

The irony of this being posted by Dryson…


Can I point out that, when I don’t want a gift, I instead sell it?

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That depends if it needs cleansing with fire first though right… I mean I assume you clean your gifts to others…

I sometimes show my appreciation for gifts by setting them on fire. I then dance around their burning form and cackle gleefully. You should try it some time, very cathartic.

The best part is that he hasn’t come back to this thread…

Nah, I thought I would be respectful enough to return the gift.

The best part of your post is that you are really not a Spitfire from 1938.

Hi Dryson. I would have done the same.

P.S. Are you by any chance in a player corp again?
P.P.S. How can you lose an Orca to an NPC?



What is Gotem anyway? None of this in real life or over the radio station answer either.

I got jumped by a fleet of a FOB Blood Raiders and couldn’t warp out. Ate through my drones in less than a minute. So that’s the reason.

You might need to brush up on your pop culture references, bruh.

CVA bros still a thing? They have dusty dead bodies of former leaders still giving the orders? NRDS keke.

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