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(Elena Harkonnen) #1

WTS : Elena Harkonnen
Character Sheet.
Postive Wallet
No Kill rights
Jump Clone with plus 4’s is in lowsec ( Memet )
I am situated in Jita.

Currently have These implants plugged in.
+5 - Willpower
+5 - Perception
+5 - Memory
+5 - Intel
+4 - Charisma

+3% Cap recharge time
+3% Ship Agility
+3% Ships Cap Capacity
+3% Shield Recharge rate
+3% Armor Hitpoints.

Capital Skills,
Sub Cap skills
Missiles & Gunnery.
Fighters …

Can make a good starting char or could be used to farmskills.
4b b/o

Open to buyout offer’s.


(Elena Harkonnen) #2


(Elena Harkonnen) #3

Up, minmatar frig 5 quickly into cov ops captors etc etc.

(Zapp McKracken) #4

4 bil

(Elena Harkonnen) #5

Offer accepted. Waiting for isk and details

(Zapp McKracken) #6

ISK and account details sent.

(Elena Harkonnen) #7

Isk Recieved.
Character transfer initiated.


(Zapp McKracken) #8

Transfer confirmation received.

Thank you!

(system) #9

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