While mining solo in Null sec in a celestial belt Small asteroid belt the Battle Ship NPC’s are able to heal themselves, with the use of only 5 drones this is not enough to protect myself this is preventing me from mining let alone playing the game. I am an industrialist and am un-able to mine when the not 1 but 5 Battleships are able to heal there shields and making drone attacks impossible. A solution to this is simple Small belts small NPC craft IE Frigates and light cruisers. Medium Belts Mid level ships. Large Belts Battleships and all support craft, Enormous belts, all the above. Colossus belts the occasional NPC dread. This simple plan of action will allow solo miners like myself one toon no boosts able to mine and be able to play without loosing a ship every ten min will surly cause one to up and quit the game forever. Please do something about this. Or at the very least remove the ability for the BS NPC’s that spawn in Small celestial Asteroid belts to not be able to heal themselves :slight_smile:

Thank You
-Mr. Michael Presson-

switch to another ship and kill it?


Have another ship nearby that you can switch to to kill the rats. This is not a bug.

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I was able to kill 1mil bounty drone battleships in my procurer with drones. It took a while but it died and my tank worked just fine. Maybe your skills could use some improvement? You could also go the route of getting in another ship and killing it.

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