NPC Gameplay Logic- Infested Carrier?

I have tried to kill this ship using drones. I have done few testing to understand the NPC logic behaviour and it looks like there is no logic or I don’t understand something.

Following is link to this ship fitting (IC - for short I am going to use)
Infested Carrier

I used Nestor with Long-Range Drone Control fitting. I confirmed that carrier doesn’t shoot if I am in 250km+ away from the ship.

Also, I have confirmed that IC’s Shield Booster module is working.

First case scenario.
I flew in 260km away from the ship and kept this distance from IC.

I have sent 5 EV-900 drones to empty capacitor of IC. According to my calculation it should take 3-4 minutes. I have waited for 6min.

Then I have replaced them 1 by 1 with other drones: 2 Geckos, 1 EV-300, 2 EV-600. I used EV drones to eliminate capacitor regeneration.

This test failed. IC still could regenerate the shield.

Second case scenario.
Beginning is the same as previous.

Now I have cooperated with another player in the fleet and asked him to send shuttle to the IC. This shuttle successfully get close to the IC by 50-70km without any issues.

Then, IC started shoot to the shuttle and kill it.
After that the IC started hit me. I still was on the distance 260km+. So, I have activated micro jump. Now, I had 360km+ from IC and still got hit. I had to wrap away to safe the ship.

Another interesting observation. Once IC started shoot, it stopped to regenerate the shield.

Can anyone to explain why it happened?

NPC’s do not play fair. They cheat.

once i did some anomalies with Kestrel in Lonetrek…it was too much dmg income for kestrel so i tried escape…but Kestrel took damage still … it stoped when i docked that means i took damage in distance of some AUs …
try to understand this software is primarily made fo reason you spend real currency it was not made for your fun

Pretty much this, npcs also don’t require or use capacitor, neuting them is pointless. (Though draining them via nos can be beneficial to you at times.) To the best of my knowledge this is still the case with all new rats, as last time I tested it on sleepers and mining fleet npcs they ignored cap entirely.

If you need further proof that npcs cheat, do a burner mission, those little bastards have the stats of ships multiple classes above them. CCP tries to make rats more like players, but it’s all still just an illusion, and they don’t follow the same rules we have to.

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