NPC Markets

How do you find an NPC Market? The new indy changes state that the new reaction and component BPCs will be sold thru NPC Markets. Are there specific regions that these occur in or is it seeded thru out and I just have to look for the BPCs I want on patch day?

It uses the same market that players buy/sell on. Any order with a duration of 365 days is being sold/bought by an NPC. Seed locations I have no idea of - they may be sold by specific corporations, which would limit where they can be found.

A bunch of generic bpos are sold in a bunch of regions, but if you want a bpo from a specific faction you generally have to go to one of their home regions. Also a bunch of people will buy bpos haul them to jita and sell them there, pay a little extra but don’t have to spend the time hauling them yourself.

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