NPC mining fleets, I've been encouraged to post here


I’ve searched on the topic and come across several forum threads involving the NPC mining fleets. Who, to some reports, strip mine whole systems, and to others, have barely been a bother.

I filed a petition, because I felt like that after over a year of them present, nothing had changed, and that simply running my ■■■■■■■ (censored) whore (probably censored, surprised if not) mouth about it, wouldn’t do a thing. I was told that it was forwarded, and I was suggested to post here, as well as in the CSM section, which I did.

Well, I’ve been around for quite a while (05/2006+), and every now and then, and I’ve known CCP for that amount of time. I don’t think that it’s likely that they fix this broken piece of ■■■■ (censored, probably), but I’d really like to see them making somebody do this chore of shame and justice. Please, make somebody touch this code and fix it, remove it at least. Making it work reasonably, let’s be honest, is a little much to ask.

As for running as a CSM candidate, no. I’m not one for bothering people about what I want, making them want to vote, lie if necessary (i.e. I’m not a politician). Plus, I heard to get the votes these days, you need to be in a powerbloc, and I probably wouldn’t be able to put in the personal investment (you got to travel to Iceland (they “mostly” pay for it too… wickeeeeed) and whatever for meetings in person and such (but I’d personally still feel so much in debt)) into it anyway (READ: I’m a poor fucking bastard who just runs his mouth on the forums, period).

Blame goes out… wait, I mean thanks, thanks goes out to the GM answering my ticket, and encouraged me to post.

Ulvi~(you don’t want to try and pronounce the rest anyway)


Fix what exactly?

The elaboration is in the linked thread in the OP. Other than having been encouraged by a GM to bring it to some attention in both places, there’s no further need to split the beans.

Sorry, but its nigh on un-readable with the hate. Could you break it down in a post that just contains the idea? A ‘tldr’ or something?


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