NPC Sells Minerals (Isk Sinking Idea)

Since ships destruction don’t sink isk, because it just transfer isk to ships builder/seller… i have an idea to make isk sinking a bit effective…

we already got NPC miners that mining asteroid belts everyday. instead of giving competition to miners in highsec especially, why dont we give the opportunity to those NPCs to sell minerals in stations… the minerals price will be very competitive (gradually lower/higher until supply meets demand) but it will be limited in quantity (depends on how many ores those NPC miners successfully mined).

this will give competition for miners in nulsec. since we can be an independent industrialist/builder without needs of human/capsuleer miners. this will also create contents because hauling minerals from npc stations is not easy. miners in highsec also will be seriously competing with those NPCs (assembling fleets to eliminate NPC miners). bottom line… i hope this will be a good isk sinking mechanics to the game.

Why would forcing players to compete with NPCs be a good thing?

There are multiple ways this would be bad;

  • Mineral prices would be controlled by these NPC orders, not the player market (Free Market).
  • Undermine the (one) Pillar(s) of which EVE is build:
    • Resource harvesting. (Mining)
    • Production (Industry)
    • Destruction (Explosions)

Many things have changed over the years since I started playing back in '09, just about all activities have seen some small or larger change. One fundamental (key) aspect still remains the same. Yes, I’m talking about Resource harvesting, specifically ore mining, has not seen any change in the 9 or more years. If “we” really want to influence EVE’s economy, make it harder to AFK or BOT activities, there needs to be more features in these activities that require player (human) input, one way or another.

With it being harder to acquire minerals the prices will go up and it will be more of a ISK sink than NPC orders would be, this will also make everything more expensive to produce and this create even more ISK sink. A bi-product of this would likely be slightly less production in capital ships (will take longer to mine minerals).

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CCP has been doing a fine job at removing NPC sell orders throughout the years, lets not regress.

considering most NPC corps have a demand for Megacyte at 4,000 ISK or higher…what would those same corps sell it for I wonder?

and how would that affect the player market?

Edit: I dont think we need NPC sell orders…Maybe NPC buy orders, to help regulate the market and at the same time remove minerals and stuff from the game as well?

if they sell ore cheaper then player , either play adapte and fix there prices or stop mining … in either way it just makes ships cheaper and mass building of Supers and Titans better …

Breaks two of the fundamental parts of the game. Player driven game and the real market.

No thanks.

not really. amount of isks circulating in game will be reduced significantly too. thus will balanced the price.

I think what you meant is isk deflation. not isk sink…

CCP just introduced a new isk sinking mechanics, which is the new Ansiblex Jump Gate. The gate will requires you to pay isk to use the Jump Bridge instead of fuel. Last time i check with my Nereus, it requires you to pay 7,100 isk to jump 2.8 ly. I dont think this will make noticeable impact to reduce circulating isks compared to average null player that can “print” isk 1b everyday by ratting alone.

The fact is…we really dont have isk sinking (destruction) mechanics that able to compared to isk faucets (production) in game.

edit : new JB still using fuel and we can set tax for using it.

Yes… it’s not an isk sink because the owners of the gate set the tax, and that tax goes to the owners. I’m sure a small piece of it goes to CCP as taxes, but the bulk will go to the owner.

And even then, most major alliances (the ones with all the traffic) won’t charge their members for it. It’ll be just like the old JBs, a cost that the alliance absorbs.

No. Industry tax is an isk sink. Industry tax is affected by cost of materials.

So he said what he meant.

Since plex’s price sets new high record (3,600,000isk), will the community consider this idea as a good one now?


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It doesn’t matter how high plex prices go. This will never be the answer.

People having too much isk is better solved with looking at isk faucets and balancing of risk/reward.

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No. Plex prices are a factor of many things, not just the in game economy, so it is a poor justification for any adjustment. Plex prices can go up or down based on the real world economy.

Thanks for all the responses guys…

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