NPC Station Hangar

As we all know, Upwell Hangars got a massive update with the latest expansion, but how about regular hangars? Can we expect an update to NPC stations’ hangars anytime soon?

It’d be nice. Probably in the pipeline, but other things take priority.

Given CCP’s track history, this means “never”. Upwell only is good enough. Too many NPC variations.

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If they ever do it, they should first fix the upwell hangars. They are wonky, inconsistent and require quite some computer resources.

Graphic updates are all fine and everything, basically they’re like Icing on top of a cake…

However CCP should finish baking this cake before putting Icing on it.

In other words, there’s still a lot of unfinished game content, balance issues and bug fixes that should be done before more graphic updates are added.

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